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USA Patriot Act

Federal law states, in accordance with the USA Patriot Act, all financial institutions are required to obtain, verify and record information that identifies every person opening or signing on a new account. This includes, but is not restricted to, a member, joint member, parent, guardian, custodian, organization, authorized user and power of attorney. When opening a new account with CHACO Credit Union, all interested parties will need to present two forms of identification. This includes a valid driver's license, social security card or any other means of verifying identity. Failure to present this information will stop or delay the account opening process. A new account includes any formal banking relationship with CHACO Credit Union. CHACO Credit Union is required to retain a copy of any document collected to verify identity.

Privacy Statement
CHACO Credit Union recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of visitors to our Web site. In general, CHACO continues to be committed to protecting the privacy of every member's financial information consistent with State and Federal laws. Specifically, this document describes our policy regarding the treatment of information received about you during visits to this site. The following is our promise to you:

We do not collect personally identifiable information. The only data we collect and store is your IP number, pages requested and the date and time of those requests. We use this information to generate statistics and measure site activity to improve the usefulness of visits.           

Voluntarily provided personal identifying information will only be used to serve your request for information or services. We use state of the art technology to protect the privacy of all who visit our web site. However, as with any use you make of the Internet, there is always the possibility that an unauthorized party will intercept information. Although we cannot absolutely guarantee that no unauthorized party will obtain information about you as a result of your visit to our web site, we can assure you that we will continue to do everything we can to protect your privacy and that we will not release any confidential information about you. We do not sell your information to outside parties. 

We only share member information consistent with this privacy policy. We share information if necessary to complete transactions you make and with consumer reporting agencies or verification sources. We may, from time to time, provide member names and addresses to reputable third party companies who offer products or services that we believe will be of interest to our members. We release only names and addresses and no other information. We release information only after we review third party privacy standards to be certain that they are consistent with our own standards and we are assured in writing that the third party will not disclose information about our members to other parties.

We sincerely want you to understand our commitment to personal privacy and our use of information. While information is the cornerstone of our ability to provide superior service, our most important asset is our members' trust. Keeping member information secure, using it only as our members would want us to, is a top priority. For these reasons, we are disclosing this privacy policy with confidence that this document will answer most of the important questions you may have about how we gather, protect and use on-line information.  

Protecting Your Children's Information Privacy

Our online financial services offered through the credit union's website are not designed for nor directed toward children under age 13. We do not knowingly solicit nor collect data from children and we do not knowingly market to children online without express parental consent or notification. If we receive online information from any child we will only use the information to respond directly to a child's request. We recognize that protecting children's identities and online privacy is important and that responsibility rests with us and with parents. If you believe your child has provided personally identifiable information to us, please contact us so we can allow you the opportunity to review and delete such information.

For more information call (513) 785-3500 or email us at This is an unsecured e-mail address.

To review or download our Privacy Notice, please click here.

Our Difference is Simple

When it comes to your financial plan, we understand what you need now and more importantly, what you need tomorrow. We are here to help you get the most out of both. Whether just starting out or preparing to retire, we help you become financially prepared and fully informed. At Chaco, we bring you the same expertise and competitive services as other institutions, but with the compassion and genuine care that can only come from being member-owned and operated. From CDs and savings to mortgages and more, we work to keep things simple when it comes to your finances – so you can focus on your life. And that makes a difference.