Important Information for Credit Card Holders

Your new EMV Chip Credit Card is on its way! You will be recieving your chip credit card within the next 7-14 days. Please note: Your new card may have a different card number. Your current card will no longer be valid as of May 23, 2016. Please ensure all automatic payments are updated as soon as possible. 

Have questions about your new card? Here are some helpful tools: 

How do I use my chip card in stores?

During the transition to chip, you can swipe your card as you normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert it instead. If you already know your chip card works there, start by inserting your card. These basic steps will help ensure successful transactions:

  1. Insert your card with the chip toward the terminal, facing up. Do not remove until prompted.
  2. Provide your signature or PIN as prompted by the terminal. Some transactions may not require either.
  3. When the terminal says the transaction is complete, remove your card.

Always remember when you use your chip card to follow the prompts on the terminal and leave your card inserted until prompted to remove it.

How do I use my chip card at the ATM?

Depending on the type of ATM, your experience may differ slightly.

If your card stays visible, use these basic steps for a successful ATM transaction:

  1. Insert and remove your card as you normally would. This tells a chip-enabled ATM whether you have a chip card or not. Then follow the prompts.
  2. If the ATM is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert the card again and leave it inserted. The ATM will clamp down on your chip card to hold it in place until the transaction is complete. Do not try to remove your card until prompted by the ATM.
  3. When the ATM says the transaction is complete, remember to take your card.

If the ATM is not yet chip-enabled, follow the prompts and complete the transaction as you do today. You will not have to reinsert your card.

If your card is not visible, the ATM will automatically detect and use the chip. If you're used to an ATM returning your card immediately, note that your chip card will now be returned at the end of the transaction.

Will the process change using my chip card online?

No. You will use your chip card for online purchases by following the same process you do today.


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